Monday, December 26, 2011

Book Review: The Cameo Effect

Book Review:  The Cameo Effect by Nioma Stephan

     The Cameo Effect by Nioma Stephan is a cleverly written mystery that centers on the lives of Becky and her Aunt Jena.  Due to a series of mysterious occurrences these ladies are forced to take matters in to their own hands and become detectives.  Stephan adds a little bit of romance to this mystery, and it is easy to find yourself eagerly turning pages to figure out what will happen next. 
     It is impossible not to be nervous about the outcome of this book because Stephan has created such well-rounded, three dimensional characters that are easy to connect with.  As the story unfolds you find yourself emotionally involved with these two sassy women, and you care for them just as you would your own friends.
     This book is marketed as an adult mystery; however I would have to say this book is suitable for the young adult crowd as well.  Stephan’s novel has a Nancy Drew feel to it and is sure to be a favorite among mystery lovers of all ages.  With her smooth writing style, vivid description, and honest simplicity, I can’t wait to see what Stephan writes next.  Perhaps we will read more about Becky and Jena in the future.

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