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Book Review: God Gives Us Choices

Book Review: God Gives Us Choices

God Gives Us Choices by Hope Rethman, Illustrated by Jackie Arling

Published by Gypsy Publications (2011)

ISBN:  978-0-9842375-2-4

Summary:  God Gives Us Choices captures a powerful moment between a young boy and his mother as they share a conversation sparked by a question asked by children everywhere: “Why does God let bad stuff happen?”

Author Bio: Hope (Hegemann) Rethman is a former third grade teacher. She took a leave of absence from her career to stay home with her children. During this time, Hope taught second grade religion classes for her local Catholic parish and wrote her first children’s book, God Gives Us Choices. She recently returned to the classroom as an intervention teacher. Hope resides in Maria Stein, Ohio with her husband and their four children.

Review:  In the book, God Gives Us Choices, a young boy named Matthew asks a hefty question:  “Why does God let bad things happen?”  Luckily for Matthew his mother is able to help him answer this question and gives him examples of how he can lead a more authentic Christian life.  Rethman’s book is a beautifully written and illustrated book that really helps children answer a tough question.  In a world where it is easier to go against God’s will, this book reminds us why it is important to always honor Him and do the correct thing.  This book will be enjoyed by all young children that are searching for answers as well as their parents, who will benefit from being able to give them a solid age appropriate retort.
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