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Book Review: Mugs and the Secret Society

Book Review: Mugs and the Secret Society

“Mugs is a farmer’s son who lives on the outskirts of Troy, Ohio.  It is the summer of 1955 when Troy was booming with agriculture and transportation of farming goods.  A time when farming families lived off their gardens, and the simple life was valued and favored.  Follow these ornery boys through their remarkable summer adventures as they walk through Troy, play in the fields off Route 202, and fish off the banks of the Miami River.”

Mugs and the Secret Society by Steven Skinner

Published by: Gypsy Publications (2011)

ISBN 13: 978-0984237555


It is so easy to be stressed and overwhelmed in today’s society.  It seems we are constantly in a hurry to do one thing or another, seldom slowing down to enjoy the many blessings that are bestowed upon us .  In the novel, Mugs and the Secret Society by Steven Skinner, you will be transported back to a time when life was slower and richer with meaning.   In a series of short stories, you will follow a young boy and his friends on their many adventures in and around Troy, Ohio.

Skinner writes with a descriptive narrative that is so vivid and rich you are actually transported back this time period.  Through his writing you are able to experience the sights and sounds of these adventures and it is impossible not to fall in love with the characters that he has created.

This book is marketed for the young adult, however I think this book would be enjoyed by many age groups.  Skinner’s writing is simple, funny, and with no blue humor.  This book was a welcome break from my work day stress and I loved that while I was reading it I often forgot where I was.  The beautiful thing about this book it that my 9 year old neighbor boy picked it up while over visiting, and was just as enthralled as I was.  He was amazed that, “Kids could just walk to the river and fish all day!”  Trust me when I say that this book is sure to be enjoyed by the entire family!

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